Wuxi Yinxi Technology

 Wuxi Yinxi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (brand name: Yinxi Technology) was established in April 2022, and its core team has many years of experience in hardware and software product research and development, as well as experience in well-known technology companies such as ZTE, Lenovo, and ARM. The team has a wide range of industry and industry chain contacts, mature and stable customer resource channels, covering the whole country. In order to meet the potential expansion of market demand and the company's own high standard requirements for products, the company will gradually improve the product certification system within three years, from the domestic 3C, CE, FCC to the international export required RoHS, CSA, PSE and other certifications, to ensure the quality consistency and excellence of products, Hidden Creek Technology to become China's leading AI edge computing solution provider as the ultimate goal. 

Products and Services

In terms of products and services, the company has significant professionalism and scientific and technological content. The company focuses on the field of edge computing products and solutions, has accumulated rich experience, and has a professional R&D team, which can continue to launch professional and scientific products and services. The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly applies the latest scientific and technological achievements to products and services to make it more advanced and scientific. These characteristics make the company's products and services highly competitive and attractive in the market.

Product Differentiation

We pay attention to personalized customization and differentiated services. We know that each customer's needs are unique, so our products and services are not limited to standardized solutions. Through in-depth communication with customers, we understand their specific needs and pain points, and customize personalized product and service solutions for them.

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Corporate Vision

Become a leading provider of AI edge computing solutions in China

Corporate Culture

Focus  Efficiency  Succinct  Innovation

Technology Research and Development

Strong R&D team, deep professional background and rich development experience

Quality Assurance

Perfect quality management system

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